Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Werri B House is Looking Like a House

On Breakthrough Day I was underwhelmed by the changes. It was an exciting day but perhaps not what I expected. However, last weekend I went to Werri B House and this is what I found.
 The weather board was finished. The deck was finished. My little house looked like a cute little cottage.
 The staircase is now exposed. The old wall framework is gone. The gyprock is in. It's now looking like it's supposed to.
The staircase from the sink.
 The staircase front on.
 The old hallway to the laundry.
 The deck from my bedroom window.
The deck from my bedroom door.
 The deck.
 The house from the front. I couldn't fit it in the photo. 
The front door and the front door deck.

I'm now not undewhelmed. I'm back to excited. It is now getting close to the end of building. I can't wait.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Deck

On break through day the deck also emerged. Over the weekend it became clear the deck was a sun catcher. It's wide, sunny and has views of the surrounding area. Underneath is a whole new area for relaxing that is cool for summer. I love it.
 The above is looking east towards the beach.

 Looking west up the hill.

 Looking north.

 Looking west under the deck.

 Looking at the front door under the deck.

The front.

These photos are now two weeks old. The deck is now complete. It no longer looks like this. It now looks cute and cottagey. I will have to photograph it and place another post. Till then..... 

Break Through Day

Two weeks ago the new met the old when the internal wall was knocked down. Have a look at the new space. Note the pieces of the old framwework still there.

 The above view is looking back into the kitchen from the new back door.

This view is the reverse of above: looking through the kitchen to the new back door.

This view is looking through the old wall into the new room - behind the garage.

This view is looking at the new front door where the old wall used to be.

Looking from the new lounge room through to the new front door. It's hard to believe this used to be the garden with the huge birds nest fern.

Looking from the new lounge room through the old wall into the dinng room.

I have a new love in this house............the poles. They are staying!