Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Deck

On break through day the deck also emerged. Over the weekend it became clear the deck was a sun catcher. It's wide, sunny and has views of the surrounding area. Underneath is a whole new area for relaxing that is cool for summer. I love it.
 The above is looking east towards the beach.

 Looking west up the hill.

 Looking north.

 Looking west under the deck.

 Looking at the front door under the deck.

The front.

These photos are now two weeks old. The deck is now complete. It no longer looks like this. It now looks cute and cottagey. I will have to photograph it and place another post. Till then..... 

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  1. At last a post to show the fabulousness of the new Werri beachouse! Love it all. Can't wait to lounge about on the deck.